Expedition Entrepreneur

Ever get that itching feeling for an adventure? For seeking out the unknown or fallowing the path less traveled? What does adventure mean to you? Hiking in the great outdoors? Traveling to another country? Another way to explain an adventure is an expedition. First what is an expedition? An expedition is defined as; “a journey or voyage undertaken by a group of people with a particular purpose, especially that of exploration,scientific research, or war.” To me an expedition can be defined as many adventures where you meet the unknown, face insincerity, and take on your worst fears.

Since I was young, I have been surrounded by family members that have owned their own businesses. Some only making several grand a year and others making several million. I always wondered what made people want to open their own business and have the headache that it takes to get it running smoothly. Did they think that they could take their trade to the next level? Or were they simply just sick of working for someone? The type of dedication that is needed to start, run, and grow a business is tremendous! The long nights and the stressful meetings with clients. Why even bother with the stress of owning your own business? I believe the reward is what makes the effort trump the long nights . The fact that if you don’t like something or someone all you have to do is change it. You are no longer working to make someone else money. And when you succeed you get the awesome feeling of knowing that you did something the best you could, not just a pat on the back from your boss.

The biggest problem with running a business is the time you have to put in to make it work. You are still glued down to a nine to five or maybe even a six to ten job. You are always the last one to get paid and at times you may not even get paid. Who wants to be stuck working from early in the morning to late at night everyday? This said, the thought of working less time from where ever I want, whenever I want sounds fantastic. You may have heard this called the dot com lifestyle. Its true the internet has drastically changed the possibilities for entrepreneurs. If you had the chance to change your life to how you wanted to live it instead of fitting it in a box to fit everyone else’s needs. Go ahead fallow the easy path, no on will blame you. I however, hope to fallow the path less traveled and to take the daunting road. Fallow Expedition Entrepreneur for upcoming adventures where we see just what it takes to live a free entrepreneurial lifestyle.