The Journey: Just Start

What does it take to start an expedition? A good plan, lots of preparation, and a starting point. The first thing most entrepreneurs do when they are trying to start a business is to soak up all of the knowledge they can. The first thing you should acknowledge is the fact that you don’t know everything and learning from others failures should be a priority when figuring out where to start. If so many people before you have already forged their own path through the same territory that you are trying to venture down, then why would you not learn from their maps and mishaps? Its a lot easier to get where you are going if you have a map then if you are forging your own map.

        So, you have found a map to fallow but, you realize that you cant start at the same point the maps says to start. Actually finding the starting point is going to be one of the hardest parts to your journey. You will have to realize that every map is unique to the situation and your map will be unique to you. So this begs the question, where is the starting point? One of the best pieces of advise that I have heard is to just start. Just start! Start forging your own path and you will learn along the way. Instead of continuously learning until your burnt out and give up on the journey, you need to just do it. Stop hesitating and thinking that if you only have a few more things to learn before you can start because in reality you will never start. It will feel like hitting a brick wall before even moving. As you press on reflect back on the maps that you have for guidance but, know that they wont match your journey step-by-step. Its hard for the map to point out where you should take a left here instead of a right if your not already down the path. In life there are so many things that I took a chance and dove in head first without knowing what was on the other side of the water and I am sure you have to. Those are the instances that I don’t regret. I either walked away knowing more and feeling better that I had tried or I triumphed in the fact that I had succeeded with something so many said couldn’t be done. This is after all an expedition into the unknown, down a journey that is unique to you.