Do you have what it takes to become an Entrepreneur?

Are you ready to throw the towel in on the day to day rat race? If you don’t have a job that you love, then why do you do it? Most of us get ourselves backed in a corner where we feel like there is no other option but to stay put. We come to terms with our circumstances and simply find a way to make it comfortable for us. No matter what your circumstance is, you  need to realize that you still have options. Sure others have to work harder to get out of where they are in life but, there is always a way out. How? I am sure if you feel this way you are asking the same question. I know I am. The first thing you need to master is to be honest with yourself. If you can’t at least be honest with yourself, then you will never get far. You need to be able to come to terms with how things have spiraled to where they are now. When you take a step in the wrong direction, you need to be able to stop yourself and reason what the right step would be. This is all part of what I would call finding yourself and who you truly want to be. This leads me to the next part. Simply be you! Don’t be someone else. Don’t look at someone else and try to model yourself after them. Who gives a flying duck what people are thinking about you. Lets face it, guys and girls alike spend hundreds of hours worrying about what other people think about them. This may even be their main focus of the week. Becoming someone who is control of your day to day schedule, you should not waste time worrying yourself sick about what Bob down the street. Who cares what Bob thinks about you or that your hair didn’t quite cooperate this morning. This being said, you should balance being yourself with being presentable. It makes it really hard to close a deal with someone when their overall take of you is not a good one.

Be the best you can be.

Having confidence is a key element to everything in life. Without confidence, you will not take action. Without confidence, you will crumble before the smallest obstacles. What gives us confidence? Simply, knowledge. A full understanding of the subject, the ins and outs of it. This may come with experience or with given knowledge. I was once told to be the best I could be at anything that was given to me. If an employer handed me the toilet bowl cleaner and asked me to clean the toilet, I better be the best damn toilet bowl cleaner that they had ever seen. Your employer may not care how clean you got the toilet but, you will. If you can walk away knowing that you did your best, whether you failed or triumphed. This will help your confidence tremendously. After all you own your future. This is the key to having success as an Entrepreneur.

Do not give up.

There is not such a thing as I can’t. Or its too hard. You need to adopt this as your moto. When an obstacle is in your way, you need to give it all you got. Maybe the true answer is really, you can’t. It may be absolutely impossible to jump that hurdle. But, give it your best. Again, you can at least walk away knowing that you tried and that you gave it your best. This may even open other opportunities that you would not have otherwise. You should always raise up to the challenge and never back down. In an interview to get into the Y Combinator, the founders of AirBnB where told “damn you guys are like cockroaches, you just won’t die.”  This was a testament to their fortitude not to give up despite heavy setbacks and that they would do what means necessary to fund their business.