Why become an Entrepreneur?

Maybe your new to the thought of becoming an entrepreneur and you’re asking yourself why would anybody want to aspire to do so much work? Or maybe you’re that person needing a bit more of a push before making the jump to entrepreneurship. Let me give you my thoughts on being an entrepreneur.

Why be an entrepreneur anyway? The answer is simple for many of us. We want to have control of our job and our lifestyle. Sure, an entrepreneur lifestyle may come with a lot of commitment and work but, in the end it is well worth it. The reward can be huge. I want a lifestyle that allows me to maximize my ability to spend it with whoever and where ever I want. Now don’t expect to just snap your fingers, call yourself an entrepreneur and be able to take a vacation whenever you want. It takes time, dedication, and a little homework to get there.

There is something that they did not teach us in school. How to maximize your ability to create income and not be tied down as a number to some boss who doesn’t really care if you need the next week off. Look at the business that you work for and ask yourself, how much money am I making for the man in charge? Is there a way that you could be the boss and do a job better? Or maybe you have more of a passion for a different field of work. Whatever your situation maybe, take your lifestyle back and do what you want to do! Get financial freedom and more time to spend with loved ones. Just remember, entrepreneurship is not a walk in the park but, the reward is having the ability to take a walk in the park whenever you want to.