Following the Masses

You’ve heard the expression, “following the masses” but, what exactly do people mean when they say it? It can be used to explain someone who is just following the crowed to fit in. Someone who is not wanting to stand out and be themselves. Why is standing out and being yourself good at times? For starters it makes you, a better you. When you break down your borders and let yourself be you, people tend to appreciate you more. You will then attract the people who you truly want to be around you. What else is standing out good for? It is what gets you noticed. No one will notice you if you are mixed in among the masses.

What do you not want to happen when standing out from the crowed? You don’t want to break social norms. This tends to make enemies. There are times that you need to stand up for what you believe is right but, realize that there is a fine line between ok and too far. Don’t be the coward that crouches in the corner. Be someone who can agree to disagree, respectfully.

So, now you’re asking what does this have to do with being an entrepreneur?

The same thing applies to running a business. The best way to help you stick out of the crowed is to let your business be what its really meant to be. Don’t lead your business down the same exact path as everyone else. This will not help you stick out. I know that this sounds contradicting to my blog on following a proven map, “Becoming an Entrepreneur”. Remember that following a proven map is a terrific way to take off running but, you will still need to stick out from anyone that you may be following. Not sticking out from the crowed could be your million-dollar mistake.