Making money fast as an Entrepreneur

Making money fast

I have always known that I wanted to at least try my hand at my own business. Plus, making more money on the side is always a good thing. So, several years ago, I started on a journey of trying to find something that I could do that fit in with my crazy schedule, didn’t take very much time, and yielded a high conversion rate. The first place I started looking was at what I was good at and what I quickly realized is that what I was good at, just wasn’t going to work. I have almost always worked a job that required hard physical labor which naturally made me decent at anything that required a hand tool. However, being a full-time college student with a job, I had no time to seek out any ventures that required hard labor. I needed something that didn’t require much time or money to set up and run.

the Shiny Object Syndrome.

I am sure you know that feeling of going after a venture just to find out that it’s not what everyone has built it up to be. That’s what my obsession for finding that one thing that was going to make me money, turned into. One venture after another, I researched my heart out just to find that it was either a scam or not what it was made out to be. This is what you would call the Shiny Object Syndrome. Going from one shiny thing to another simply because you think it will make you rich quick. This is the easiest way to get burned.

Be patient

This is one reason why so many entrepreneurs don’t ever start anything. They never stay dedicated to one project. This also proves the point that patients is a virtue. When you start something, follow it through to the very end and be patient! Without patients, you will never fulfill what you’re looking for. So, strap in and hold on for whatever is to follow. There will always be the ups and downs in any business, you just have to have what it takes to hold on.