Face Everything And Rise

Becoming successful is a journey, a journey through the thick and thin down a path less traveled. Reflect on how your life has turned out so far. Learn from your mistake but, most importantly reflect on your successes. Look back and remember exactly how that felt and the struggle it took to get that success. We all have had our lows and highs during our life and its important to reflect on your lows but, more importantly you need to be able to face your past and future demons. You need to be able to look at them in the eye and tell them to shove it. Take a hold of them and tell yourself that today you will not allow yourself to be intimidated by this demon anymore. Rise above your fears because you are better than them. They do not define who you are or what you will become. The number one reason for failure as an entrepreneur is the failure to grab the bull by the horns and throw it to the ground. You are in control of your demons and the affect they have on you. Get up and personal with your fears and let them know that they better move over or jump off. We all have demons and that is why every entrepreneur’s path will be different. Some things will be harder for others because of past experiences or fears that have affected them and continue to plague them now. For example, you may have a fear of public speaking which is a common fear of everyone. If tonight you had to speak in front of ten or more people that you didn’t know from Adam, how would you get over it? The first thing you should do is look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself that you will not let this petty problem overtake you. You are bigger that your fears. Second, make sure to add some humor within its means. Don’t try to be too funny as your jokes will sound really horrible. Stand up there with confidence and talk like everyone in the room is your friend or could easily become your friend. Then find something in common. This could be a common reason you are gathered or something that happened in the moment that you can relate on. This can put you at ease as you create an ice breaker between you and the other people.

Remember you are much bigger than your demons of your past and future and that your fears are nothing more than an excuse to stop you. Fear simply stands for face everything and rise.