Why is creating a blog a great first business?

Blogs are great sources of information and a place to share your thoughts with others. But, what is the number one reason people start blogging? Another source of income seems to be at the top of the list. Don’t get me wrong there are tons of bloggers out there that simply do it because they love writing and sharing it with people who have the same passion but, many simply start one because they think it will be a fantastic way to earn some extra money. Thanks to WordPress creating a blog can literally take ten min. from start to finish. This makes a blog substantially easier to create than a nice-looking website. Many of you may be working a full-time job like me and only have so much time in the day to work on your blog. That is one reason why creating a blog is a great first business. Some of us inspired by bloggers such as John Chow and many others, can’t help but step back and ponder how one makes well over $200,000 in a month simply selling affiliate items. Not only are some making over one hundred thousand a month but, a blog can cost only a $100 if your being conservative. Hell, it can be free if you are simply trying to build up your reader base before you start making money. This is what intrigued me about blogging. Not only am I able to share my thoughts with you and whoever else is interested but, if you work hard enough, it is possible to make 200,000 a month with your blog. That opens the door for so many other business possibilities. As John Chow would say, “Living the dot com lifestyle gives you time freedom, money freedom, and location freedom.”

These reasons are also why so many people that set out to be bloggers, fail. Not having much into their blog, it is easy for them to simply forget about it. There want and drive is simply not in it. If you opened a restaurant, would you just forget about it and stop caring what happens to it. Of course, not because you have invested so much into it already that it would be ridiculous to just give up. You should view your blog the same way and run it as a business, with the same time and dedication even if you haven’t made it into a full-fledged business yet. Don’t let your blog fall to the same fate as so many others. Comment below and let us know why you created your blog.