How Persistence can make you Millions

I always like to compare successful businesses and people to find out what they have in common. Finding what they have in common can help you on your journey to become a successful entrepreneur. And this is what I have found most successful entrepreneurs and their businesses to have in common.


Yes, persistence is the number one thing that I have found in common with entrepreneurs and their businesses. Here are a few examples:

Casey Neistat: Uploads a daily vlog to YouTube and has done so for the most part since 2015. He consistently has well over a million views on each video and with close to 800 videos at the time of this blog, he has found himself over 7 mil subscribers. One reason why Casey has become so successful is his ability to be persistent. Even if his content was horrible, the sheer number of videos that he has would be enough to get his name out there. If you are persistent with something, at some point your content will find enough people interested in what you have to offer. This trend can also be found with many other YouTube creators.

John Chow: Runs a blog about making money online. He generates over $100,000 a month with his blog in commission. John is persistent in his blog as he has constantly been blogging since 2005. He tends to use emails from readers for his topics on his blog and YouTube channel. His persistence has yielded his blog close to 200,000 visitors a day.

Tai Lopez: Has many businesses and runs a YouTube channel that has close to a million subscribers. Tai has been persistent with his social media marketing and his YouTube ads giving him a huge following in a record time. You tend to see his ads so many times that you finally decide to check out what he has to say.

These are just a few examples of those who I have found to be persistent and have reaped the rewards. Not only have they been persistent in their actions such as posting daily videos and blogs, they also have been persistent in the fact that they have never given up. No matter how the outlook has looked for them, they have always kept on track with their goals. Keep in mind that you also need quality in your product. Don’t expect to just post 700 videos or blog posts and see these results.

Persistence vs. Consistent

Some of you may be wondering what the difference between persistent and consistent is. It turns out knowing the difference can help you as an entrepreneur.

Consistent is the act of successfully completing your goal that you have set out.

Persistent is the act of still pursuing your goal even after you have met it.

For example, if you needed to lose 20 pounds but, after you lost the 20 pounds you stopped going to the gym. As a result you gained back all of the 20 pounds. This means that you were consistent in completing your goal to lose the 20 pounds but, you were not persistent because you stopped going to the gym. Being persistent would be continuing to go to the gym even after you have lost your 20 pounds.