Finding your Why as an Entrepreneur

So, you have decided to become an entrepreneur and you have your plan laid out exactly how you want it. However, you feel a lack of motivation to push forward and really put the work in that is necessary. You feel like the reason why is because you just need a little success to motivate you to continue down the path. Although a bit of success will definitely motivate you, what will motivate you in those times that you are not having success?

Simple, you need to find your why. Why are you chasing this goal of becoming an entrepreneur and starting your own business? Why are you wanting and willing to put in the insane hours that are required to make it happen successfully? Some people will tell you that their why is because they want to make lots of money. However, usually a why that is about yourself is not a big enough why. It’s easy to say, I don’t feel like working today and because you are doing it for yourself, you have no other reason to tell you that you should work today. Your why should consist of something that will compel you to push through even the hardest of days. It should be clear that there is no other way but, the path you are going down as an entrepreneur to successfully provide for your why. For most successful entrepreneurs, their why is their family or a situation that they were in. Either they wanted to provide for their family or they had hit rock bottom and the only way out was up.

Have you found your why yet? Is it big enough to carry through the hardest of days. If you feel compelled, tell us what your why is.