Number one word needed for success as an entrepreneur.

If I could put success in a jar and sum up everything you need to know into one word, that word would be patience. So many people who want to try to be an entrepreneur, look for any get rich scheme they can find. With everything being instant gratification in today’s world it is hard to become patient. Success is not built overnight, endless you have won the lottery, tomorrow you will not wake up and suddenly have thousands more.

“I am patient as fuck. You keep playing the short game, I will keep playing the long game.” – Gary Vaynerchuck

Plan for the future. Stop trying to find the next Facebook or the next Amazon. None of those companies were overnight successes either. You have to be comfortable in the processes and building of your company. Nothing worth value grows overnight. Not humans, not plants, not anything. If this is truly what you want to do then you need to be real with yourself now! It will take time, energy, and a ton of patients to get to your goal. Don’t short yourself by underselling what you are capable of, you just have to realize that your idea will not take seed overnight. As an entrepreneur, I believe that this has to be one of the hardest things to grasp. The thought of having something up and running and making money within a really short period of time is always optimal. You always hear these success stories of people who opened up their business and started pulling in 6 figures the first month. But, they never share what it took to get there or how much money they were able to deploy to get them there quickly. These all sound like overnight success stories, when in reality they simply lack telling you the journey that got them there.

Stay focused.

Stay patient

Just don’t stop!