Do you ever wake up and feel like you were meant to do something more than just an 8-5 job? I know I do. Every day I see so many opportunities for entrepreneurs but, I am faced with the same question as so many of you are. How to start. All of the opportunities that I see either require money or skills that I don’t have. Taking into account my current financial circumstances coupled with many other excuses, puts me into a hard place to be able to start a business. This why I started the blog. Being an entrepreneur has always fascinated me and the fact that I have always seen were all of my previous employers were doing it wrong, makes me want to try my hand at the path less traveled. Why not should be your question if you are still on the fence of starting something. You never know when it will be huge. With my love of the outdoors and exploring, coupled with entrepreneurship, came Expedition Entrepreneur. Becoming an entrepreneur and working towards finding success is going down the path less traveled. Most people go to work for someone else, 5 days a week. There is nothing wrong with that and there are tons of people who are and always be the best employees. These people are most likely better off continuing to work for someone and should focus on still being the top employee.

On my search to consume as much information as I can about becoming a successful entrepreneur, I always find things that resonate the most with me. Hence the topics I share with you. I also want to share with you the journey and what I find that works and what doesn’t. I want to take XE above and beyond a blog and be able to show the steps of cracking the path of becoming a successful entrepreneur.