How hard are you working to achieve your goal? Are you the person that is only working towards it 3% of the time? Or do you constantly think and obsess about it? There is one thing that your business should not be and that is a hobby. That is hard for me to say. I still have an 8 – 5 job and only work on the blog when I can. But, I can say that it is on my mind 9 times out of 10 during the day. Building the foundation for XE and working to build it to where I can rely on it is my current goal. This is where it gets hard because I need it to work out now, but I know what I need to be is patient. I have all the time in the world if I am honest with myself and you should be too. Realize that if you are not willing to put in the effort, time, and have the patience, then you will not get anywhere. You need to have the drive and the thirst to have your dream become a success in order to truly get what you want.

What you should be doing instead of reading this blog is hustling. Working like there is no tomorrow. Be hasty but, don’t forget that quality is what truly wins the race. So many people get in such of a hurry that they start to cut corners and people out of the equation. This totally destroys any of their efforts because no one wants to listen to them when their end product is shit. Hustling is what gets you what you want. Out working everyone is how so many successful entrepreneurs make it to the top. Don’t end up like the mom and pop down the street that went out of business when the economy took a dump. Be that business that did everything it could to make money when they did not have much. They made it through the hard times because they hustled like there was no tomorrow.

Stay Hungry.

Keep Hustling.