Marketing 101: Best way to Captivate Customers for your Business

What is the number one most important thing you can get from someone as an entrepreneur? Their money, their advice, or maybe their approval? When was the last time you actually watched every commercial on your favorite TV show? Since we have been able to skip through commercials, people’s attention to the products being shown, have dwindled. Before TV became big, everyone’s attention was focused on newspaper ads and billboards along the road. Since then our society has shifted their attention again. As you market your business there is one place that you should look to get your ads out there and the most exposure. You need to look at where consumers and possible clients spend most of their time. Think to yourself, what is the one place that tens of millions of people spend most of their screen time at? Two words; social media. When you or your coworker are taking a break, where is the first place that you most likely go? Odds are you head for Facebook or to YouTube to get up to date with your favorite channel. This is where most Americans and the world will have their attention all day. Let’s face it, I don’t watch TV. I get my content from YouTube or things that I read on the internet. And if I did watch TV, you bet that most shows would be recorded and the commercials would be flipped through as they happened. So, why is attention one of the most important things you can get from someone? If you have someone’s attention, you are then able to directly market to them.

Now say you are focusing on where most of America and the world spend their day but, how do you make sure that you grab their attention from the other million posts of Facebook or Snaps on Snapchat? Simple. Create meaningful content. Create content that is an advertisement in disguise. As someone is scrolling through Facebook, your post or advertisement should come across as captivating story that isn’t just another obvious advertisement. How do you think so many people such as YouTube stars have gained so much fame? They dominated social media and YouTube by telling captivating stories. Think about commercials on TV in recent years. They honestly haven’t changed much since the early 2000’s. Most commercials don’t captivate anyone’s attention even if you are in the market for their product at the moment. But, if the commercials are great at telling a story then it has a much higher chance of grabbing my attention and keeping it. Mark my words, social media is the big thing of today just like TV use to be and we should all be telling captivating stories to reach our audience.

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