Creating a Media Company around your Brand.

Imagine an entire media company focused on nothing more than tutting their horn for your business, hitting every media outlet they could for the sake of you. The amount of new possible customers you would reach is huge. That is what Gary Vaynerchuk drives home in his article, The Hack: Having a Media Company Mentality. His idea of creating stories out of your everyday business interactions or anything for that matter, to simply capture an audience is genius. Reaching at thousands or hundreds of thousands of new people daily has become the cheapest ever in history as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, and so many more have made it possible to put your brand in the middle of human collaboration were millions of humans gather. That’s huge! Commercials on TV and ads in the paper used to be the best way and the only way to reach people afar and locally. Not to mention the costs that were through the roof. Now you can reach almost anyone locally and afar, like really far, just by using social media.

The magic and the success of making your own stories associated with your brand comes with creating interesting content. Say that you are a plumber. No one wants to constantly see posts about how much you are charging to replace their pipes. I see so many businesses try to push what their rates are and really horrible articles on social media that no one reads except the office intern who had to post it. My point and the point that Gary makes in his article is to create meaningful and capturing stories. Something that will grab and hold their attention. Telling your story and your journey is much more interesting. There is no way that I can afford Gary’s services that he provides at Vaynermedia but, he has grabbed my attention because of the content that he is pushing out. Now he is also smart in the fact that he knows that most of the people that are paying attention to him cannot afford his services so he has created several books that everyone can afford.

So check out Gary’s article below and make a “media company” around your business. It has the potential to be life changing.


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