Story Telling: The Art of Capturing Attention

Working on a newly created blog, I am constantly thinking how to drive more people to read the articles and become engaged. This always gets me thinking of how I should tweak things here and there like any blogger does trying to bring traffic to their site. Throughout the process I have found that one thing is for sure, we are simply trying to captivate attention. People’s attention should be your blog’s or business’s oxygen.This is because attention is the key to any business wanting to create more customers. Now the question is how do you capture someone’s attention?

Become the best story teller you can. Tell your story and the story of what is going on around you. Don’t make stories up but, be authentic and tell your story of how you got here or about your life. Why do you think that people vlogging on YouTube have the ability to capture such huge audiences? It’s because they tell a good story. You wouldn’t watch them if they bored you and you definitely wouldn’t subscribe if you thought that they didn’t have a good story to tell. Some of you may be asking, then how do I tell a story around my business or blog? The concept of becoming a good story teller goes along with creating a media company around your business, which you can read my post about it here. Create content or document what is going on around you is what you should be doing. Maybe you simply don’t have time to create new content around you and your business. You should then be documenting your journey or your day to day routine. Remember, capturing an audience gives you a higher chance of conversions or simply creating followers for life. Non the less, capturing attention should be one of the most important aspects of your business. As more and more people become engaged with your content and your story, the more people that will become engaged with your business.