Tools of the Trade

It is absolutely crazy to live in an age where anyone has the opportunity to start a business that they can run completely from the comfort of their home. Think about it. Even twenty years ago it wasn’t really possible and most people where definitely not considering it. Technology has now made it possible for anyone to sit on their couch or at a park or almost anywhere and run a business. So, my next question is why haven’t you started? Technology has now given us the opportunity to do more work outside of a regular work day because you no longer have to be in a physical location to be able to work longer. You have no excuse to not come home at the end of the day and work on the business of your dreams. The opportunity has never been greater to create the business that you have always wanted. To not be stuck in a cubical from 9 to 5 answering phone calls and filling out forms that you could really give a shit less about. We no longer have this excuse of, “I simply don’t have the tools to do that”. In today’s world all you need is a smart phone, a computer and an internet connection and the world is at your fingertips.

As social media has come on to the scene, the world of creating a business changed drastically again. Before, business owners were forced to use phone books, newspaper ads, billboards, and extremely expensive tv ads to advertise their business to thousands of people. Not to mention that many companies still do this! Now you simply log on to Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, or Twitter and post something meaningful. Reaching thousands upon thousands of people has now become the easiest it has ever been. Who would have even fathomed that in 2017, one video or one post would have the possibility of reaching over a million people! That in itself is absolutely amazing. You have the tools at your fingertips and possibility of creating something awesome. All you have to do is start!

All you need is a computer and a smartphone.