Failure is Critical

As an entrepreneur that hasn’t made a million yet, I am sure that you are doing the same thing most other aspiring entrepreneurs are doing. Consuming content at scale. You are consuming content at scale because at this stage the best thing to help you become motivated and truly understand how to become successful, is to learn from others who have made it. While listening to and learning from other entrepreneurs, there is one thing that has always stood out to me that no one has ever wanted to hear. Failure is critical.

Failure is critical to your success as a business owner and as an entrepreneur. Failure can come in many different ways. It doesn’t have to mean that your business has failed but, maybe something you have tried within your business has failed. Why is this critical? Because you are then learning from your failures. There is no road map that shows you a step by step process, guaranteeing success without failures. This is why this is the path less traveled. The risk of losing is huge and that should be expected. No successful entrepreneur that hasn’t had life handed to them on a silver platter because someone before them made the failures and had the success, has ever had a clean batting average. Every single one of them has had failures. This is why they are successful. They failed, learned from it, got back up and tried something else. Those who have persevered and had the mentality to get back up no matter how rough it was, has the mindset to become a successful entrepreneur. Those are the ones that make it to the big leagues.

Don’t be afraid of failure. Failure is the number one deterrent for anyone aspiring to become a successful entrepreneur. Think about it. Why haven’t you made the leap of starting the business of your dreams? Or why didn’t you make is sooner? Most likely because failure is a hard pill to swallow and you don’t have a lot to risk. Failure is like fuel for the fire. It should make you want to get back up and try again. Failure shouldn’t be the ending of your story.

Don’t be afraid of it. Be prepared for it. Learn from it.