Knock, Knock is Anyone There?

Hey guys, its Eric from Expedition Entrepreneur! If you have visited the blog before, you are probably wondering what the heck is going on. There hasn’t been a new post for a while and I am sure a few of you are starting to scratch your heads.

Don’t worry I am going to give it to you straight.

The past few weeks I have really stepped back from the blog. I wanted to really evaluate what I want XE (Expedition Entrepreneur) to shape into.

I don’t want to become another blogger who seems to know what he is talking about but, has nothing to back up his point. Let’s face it, I am not a seasoned Entrepreneur…

I simply get so pumped when I read and watch content from other Entrepreneurs, that I can’t help but want to share it. I see so many people who are flirting with the idea of Entrepreneurship miss so many key points that may help them drive all the way to the end. This is why I love sharing what I have found but, it’s time to get real.

I also see people take the same path I have and stumble over the same boulders. Maybe, just maybe this blog will help at least one reader.

All I need is one person to walk away feeling more motivated and informed. After all this blog is about the journey, my journey, and others that I follow. So, don’t come looking for six figure numbers quite yet. Don’t worry they are coming but, patients is key in this game.

I want to be up front and honest, true to myself because when you’re not, you tend to start sounding like an angry Ogre. Someone that no one cares to listen to.

For all of you that are following XE and continuing to read and like the content that I have put out, thank you! Your interest and your attention is my oxygen.

What’s next?

I have really soaked in some awesome ideas that I am planning on bringing to XE over the coming weeks. The theme of XE is a blog that is all about entrepreneurship with a dash of awesome adventures and the outdoors. I have created a new page sharing my adventures throughout the past year so, make sure you check it out under pages.

I also want to try out as many programs as I can and document them. Giving you detailed reviews on what I thought sucked and what I found to have actually worked.

Along with sharing parts of my daily life and the adventures that I have been a part of, I also want to give you guys quality content. Sometimes short and to the point and sometimes detailed thoughts on what is happening in the world of entrepreneurship.

All of this can’t happen without the help of social media. So, get ready for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram accounts to ramp up. This is why you should be following me on these platforms. Don’t be scared (you get meaningful content).

Thanks for stopping by and feel free to give us your feedback down below!


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